This version provides a glimpse of how Zeeon looks inside. In order to see all the benefits, such as spatialized communication, sharing screens, content, and similar, make sure to book a demo



After Downloading the Mac version

Find the downloaded ZIP archive on your computer. Double-click it to initiate unpacking. Once unpacked, a new file named 'Zeeon' will appear next to the downloaded archive. Double-click to open it. The Mac system popup will check if you really want to open it. You must approve.

After downloading Windows version

Right-click on the downloaded archive and select 'Extract'. Choose a destination folder where an extracted folder will appear.*you might need to download an extractor if you don't have one.In the recently created folder, open the file 'Zeeon' with .exe resolution.If the system popup asks for approval - go ahead :)

First steps in the app

1. Create your account.
2. Create your badge.
3. Create your avatar.

You're ready to go.

Navigation in the environment

To walk, use W S A D or arrows (↑ ↓ ← →) buttons on the keyboard. While walking, hold 'Shift' to change speed.

To teleport to distant locations, click on the 'Map' in the bottom bar and then click on the desired location.

If you want another user to teleport to you, open 'Chat' in the right bottom corner.
Then select a user or group, with whom you will share your location. Click on the 'Share location' button, which is located on the left from the 'Write a message' field.

Interact with others and the environment

You can click on other players and objects, such as chairs, screens, doors, etc. in the environment. Hover your mouse for an action icon to appear.
Hold and move your mouse to turn the view around your avatar.In the bottom bar, you can do the following:
1. Mute/unmute your microphone
2. Share emoji
3. DanceManage your profile
4. Turn on/off badges above other players
5. Search and filter players
6. Teleport through the Map

Menu and app management

In the top right corner, you can manage the app in order to:

1. Change your mic, video, sounds, and similar settings.
2. Check tutorial, FAQ, and Zeeon's website.
3. In order to use other apps on your computer, you might want to minimize the app.